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About Us


There are a couple of reasons why our pizzas taste so damn good.

One of them is because of the crust. POSH Pizza has created a unique sourdough culture over many days fermentation.

Used at it's optimum, it results in a crust with superior flavour and texture. No rapid rise, tasteless, biscuit bases full of oil and sugar like that from our competitors. Just artisan know-how, time and devotion….resulting in a deliciously chewy crust. 

Secondly, no shortcuts are taken in the preparation of the fillings and toppings. At a time when the pizza industry is busy inventing quicker and cheaper styles of pizza. POSH Pizza purchases only the best produce and the chefs chop, sauté, prepare and marinate the ingredients everyday prior to service. We keep it simple and let the ingredients speak for themselves. It's the longhand, honest approach to food and we know that you'll taste the difference every time. We really want you to enjoy your experience at POSH pizza. If you love what we are doing, tell others. If not, please tell us. 

The Mother Sponge 

Sourdough is the oldest and most original form of leavened bread. Our mother sponge is several years old and fed flour and water everyday. The sponge is a stable, symbiotic relationship between good bacteria (lacto bacillus) like that found in yoghurt and wild yeast. Everyday, a portion of this mother dough is incorporated into each batch of new pizza dough and this gives our pizza bases a better texture and more developed flavour. The keeping quality and reheating of our pizzas are also enhanced. The unique fermentation of the sourdough changes the nature of the starches in the finished dough, creating a more beneficial and healthier base. Our starter and bases contain no added oil, no added sugar, no stabilisers, conditioners or improvers.